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Nottingham High School

You want your child to receive excellent results, but a great school should also be a place of curiosity, a place of individuality, and a place of fun. Our #SoMuchMore campaign highlights the interesting and varied hobbies of our students, staff and alumni.

So Much More: Featured Profile

Christian Cordy
Deputy Head (Pastoral) of the Infant and Junior School

What is your role at Nottingham High School?

I am the Deputy Head (Pastoral) of the Infant and Junior School.  My role encompasses many different areas of responsibility; pastoral care, rewards and sanctions, the co-curriculum, health and safety, and a bit of teaching on the side!  This is my second year at the High School having started in September 2016.

Tell us about your hobby.

I have always loved art since I was a child.  As a child I used to spend hours drawing and colouring my own pictures.  As I got older, I discovered a love for Modern Art and with it a passion for painting with acrylic.  I mainly paint abstracts using a variety of tools including brushes, pallet knives, squeegees and sponges.  I love colour and love to experiment with different combinations of colours and textures.  Chance plays a huge part in my art so I often do not know how a painting will turn out when I first begin applying paint to the canvas; this usually goes one of two ways!  I take inspiration from anything and everything and love to copy the techniques of my art heroes; Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Jean Dubuffet to name but a few.  My current passion is ‘fluid art’.  This is where you mix regular acrylic paint with flow improver allowing the paint to become ‘fluid’.  There are then many different ways to use the paint in this super runny state to create a painting.

What do you love about painting?

There are too many things to name!  I love the freedom of painting and the fact there is no right or wrong.  Choosing some colours, mixing the paint and then making the first marks on a brand new blank canvas never fails to excite me.  It is a great feeling when you hang a newly finished piece of work on the wall or even better at an exhibition.  I love being able to talk to others about art and enjoy a hearty debate about what is (and isn’t) art.  Art is one of my favourite subjects to teach and the pupils never fail to amaze me with the beautiful artwork they create.  I have two young children who share my love of painting and during the school holidays we spend many happy hours painting, printing and just generally making a mess!

Art by Christian Cordy (L-R "And down I fell", "Blue Coral", "Organic")