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Year 5 Normandy Residential


This trip only runs when demand is high.


In order to reach Normandy, we had to leave at 5.30 a.m. so I had to get up an hour before that. Our bus journey was extremely long ( 13 hours) and we had four stops along the way. Eventually we arrived in Normandy and the amazing Chateau de Terte.

When we first arrived, we settled down to a smashing tea of pizza, sweetcorn, olives and ice cream. Afterwards, Miss Walster told us to go to our rooms, take out our toothpaste and then meet on the basketball court to play some games. These were ‘Bulldog’ and ‘Detective’. We thanked Sam and the other PGL staff before brushing our teeth and going to bed.


All of us woke with a start. We took a shower, changed and then walked to our meeting point. Whilst we were there, PGL told us what we were going to do that day. Groups 1 and 3 were going to do zip-wire and thinking skills whereas groups 2 and 4 were going to do raft-building. However first we had to eat breakfast and then buy our lunch in the market.

 In my group we had 12 euros and we bought: 2 baguettes, chorizo, jam, lettuce, grapes and lollipops. We may not have won any prizes but the food was delicious ( the lollipops made our tongues go blue). We took another shower and then sprinted to do thinking skills. There were trick questions, action and a lot of thinking. We had a camp fire where we drank hot chocolate, ate marshmallows and sang songs. It was superb!


We had the same morning routine as day 2 except we visited the bakery and the town. We made croissants and tasted pain au chocolats. The town trail was 15 questions about the town, all in French!

Shivraj Singh and Robert Dowsett ( 5S), William Tsang and Harry Whittaker(5A)


Year 5 Trip to Normandy

Day 1

On Friday 28th September Year 5 were very early risers. We needed to be at the senior school yard for 5:30 am to be able to travel all the way to Normandy in France using the euro tunnel.

After a quick goodbye to our parents we set off.  As it was still very early, many of us fell asleep, others too excited to sleep, played on their games or read a book.

It was a very long journey lasting almost 14 hours.  We arrived at the PGL Centre at approximately 8:00 pm (French time). From there we walked straight into the dining hall for dinner and we were all ravenous.

After that we had a short game session in one of the halls.

Day 2

The next morning after we'd got dressed and had breakfast, we got ready for our market expedition. We sorted ourselves into groups of five and six, before getting on the bus for a quick drive to the market.

At the market and the bakery we were given 12.00 to purchase our own lunch using the products from the market. Once we had the money we were off, determined to speak French. First we went for the essential, a nice baguette. Then we moved on to the filling, I wanted a nice cucumber baguette as I was a vegetarian. As a group we then bought a number of things from the market, namely tomatoes, cucumber, a slice of ham and Strawberrys. Before long we found ourselves travelling yet again to the bakery where we bought an assortment of sweets. In the end all we had left was just 1 cent!

We travelled back to PGL where we assembled our lunch dishes. We were judged on presentation, nutritional value and whether the money was well spent.

After devouring our homemade lunch we split into our 4 groups: Miss. Walster's, Mr.Shaw's, Mrs. Mays's and Mr.Jones's . One group went zip lining; another did problem solving and the last two groups went raft building.

Zip lining was so much fun we climbed up a ladder which was attached to a tree and zip lined from one tree to another; we all got two goes on the zip line.After a while we rotated the activities so that we all had a go at each one.

During the problem solving we had to do many confusing and challenging tasks such as getting into height order on a bench without falling off  or without talking .

After all that we had to take a shower so we could have some free time before dinner. After dinner we had a small campfire; we sang and had hot chocolate and gelatin free marshmallows. Yummy, yummy!!!

Day 3

Again we woke up early got dressed and had breakfast. We walked to the town for the town trail, and croissant making and tasting.

First we went croissant making and tasting at a bakery. Miss. Walster's group and Mr.Shaws group tasted first and then made some of their own. We went in groups of fours to a small shop in the bakery and some groups went to the shops in the supermarket. After spending our euros, we had to walk around the town finding out things out about the city and finding landmarks in the city. This activity we did in our groups.

After walking back we ate our baguettes that we had ordered the day before. We then ordered our baguettes for lunch the following day; after which we were allowed to play around inside the area. After a bit of free time we were allowed to go back to our rooms to get dressed for the afternoon activities.

During the raft building you had six barrels and six pieces of rope and you had to construct a raft from it. We built the raft fairly quickly and we had to lower it into the water and row. We also had to do various challenges. At the end we had a competition between the two groups; it included rowing challenges and random questions.

Next we showered and got dressed into clean clothes before going outside for more free time and we were then called in for dinner. Thereafter, we were allowed to go to the PGL gift store where we spent our remaining money.

Amazingly, we then got the chance to try escargots or snails and then we went into a different hall to do some group challenges.

After that we wished Kane (a boy in class 5A) a happy birthday.

Day 4 (The Final Day)

We woke up a little bit earlier today and we had a quick breakfast before loading onto the coach, saying goodbye to all of the staff at PGL and Normandy.

It was a long journey again which took about 14 hours.

We arrived at about 10:15 pm, tired but eager to see our family.

Thanks must go to Miss.Walster for organising the trip. And thanks should also go to Mrs. Mays, Mr.Jones and Mr.Shaw for going on this amazing trip with us. And finally thanks must go to our parents for allowing us to go on this trip to enjoy it with our friends.

Razeen Surtee 5A.