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Pastoral Care

Nottingham High School

Pastoral Care is central to the wellbeing and development of all of our pupils at Nottingham High School. 

All staff take pastoral care very seriously and, by providing support and guidance on a regular basis, they play an important role in ensuring the pupils have an enjoyable and productive time at School. We appreciate that each pupil will take their own path and we treat them as an individual, enabling all individuals to thrive in our multicultural and diverse environment.

Ultimately we are proud to give all of our pupils the confidence and resilience to achieve their own dreams through strong support and guidance.

In addition, we watch them develop and leave us with strong mature values, such as respect and tolerance of others, that they will keep with them way beyond their time with us as they move on in their lives.

School Nurse

Our School Nurse, Ms Sarah Jacob, is a First level registered Nurse and is located in the Medical Room between the hours of 8.30 and 4.30 Monday to Friday.

The Medical Room is available to any student who is feeling unwell. There are facilities available to rest and to receive general nursing care. Occasionally, it may be necessary for a student to be sent home or to receive appropriate medical care elsewhere.

Students who may have certain health or emotional issues are welcome to discuss these with the School nurse in total confidentiality. Occasionally, it may be necessary to involve other healthcare professionals or support from within the school but this will only be done with the student's permission. The medical room is also a good resource area for any students wishing to find out more information on Health Education, First Aid, illnesses etc.

Routine health checks are carried out on entry to both the Junior and Senior school where a general assessment is made of each Students physical health. This also provides a good opportunity to discuss any health or personal worries a student may have at that time. Routine immunisations are carried out in association with the Primary Care Trust.

There is also a School Doctor who will see students on an appointment basis. Students are referred to her by the School nurse, Teachers or Parents. 

If pupils have any health queries they can email the School Nurse in total confidence if they do not want to visit the medical room.

Health Matters - Further information

Parental agreement Form for School to administer medicine

Learning Support

Our Learning Support team are available to help students with any learning issues, from dyslexia to revision tips.

The Learning Support Coordinator has responsibility for drawing up Individual Action Plans [referred to as IAPs] and for seeing that they are distributed to Tutors and subject teachers. The IAP will draw on material from educational psychologists’ reports.

This is the standard mechanism by which SEND SEN/LDD pupils, parents and staff are kept informed of the child’s needs and the provision being made. Each member of staff is expected to be aware of the pupils in their groups on the SEND SEN/LDD register, to have read the IAP for those pupils and where possible make reasonable adjustments within the classroom as suggested by the bullet points listed on the IAP. The IAPs are retained by staff whilst they teach the pupil.

The responsibility for assessing whether targets have been met lies with the Learning Support Coordinator in conjunction with the subject teachers.