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The Young Engineers Club

Robot Buggies

Read about how one of our boys attended a 'Young Engineer's Mentoring Day' by clicking the attachment below!

Nottingham High School Young Engineers Club

The Young engineers club is a way for pupils interested in engineering to take this interest further by participation in club activities


What does it do?

The young engineers will enter competitions, tackle challenges and undertake project work that develops your design technology and engineering skills beyond those you would have time to do in lessons.


Who can join?

You will have to be studying Design Technology to take part.  You will need to show commitment and attend sessions and work well as part of a team.  Club membership will be offered to some year 9 pupils after they have decided to study the subject at GCSE level.  Pupils that show enthusiasm, aptitude and commitment will be selected to join a team working on a particular challenge.

Formula 1 Schools Competion

What will I do if I become a member?

In year 10 you can opt to continue doing the young engineers club as an activity.  The minimum time commitment will be 2 hours after school and 1 hour at a third break. The number of places will be limited and awarded on merit.  In year 10 you will be working as part of a team towards completing a particular challenge. 

As you move into year 11 you will do one of two things.  You may become a team mentor to a young group of year 9 or 10 pupils.  This could count as a D of E service if you negotiate and fulfil a particular task. The other option is to undertake a demanding GCSE project that will either compliment the work of one of the project teams (ie make a project related to remote controlled cars or robot buggies) or produce a project suitable for entry in the Young Engineer for Britain Award.  In future we hope to also have sixth form mentors as the club develops to help keep the experience of the most talented young engineers within the club and allow older pupils a route to fulfil gold D of E service and skills work.  You would also have the opportunity to work with a real engineer on producing a solution to a real industrial problem.

Young Engineer for Britain Mentoring Day
Young Engineer for Britain Mentoring Day - [16 KB] Young Engineer for Britain Mentoring Day