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The Lady Carol Djanogly Music School

The Music Department is housed in the Lady Carol Djanogly Music School.  This purpose built building was opened in November 1997 and includes the following facilities:
  • Lady Carol Djanogly Recital Hall  (Mu1)- one-hundred and fifty seat hall which is used both for chamber concerts, small and large scale rehearsals and teaching.  The acoustics of this room can be varied by the use of special acoustic curtaining. The hall houses a Steinway Model B grand piano, a new Harrison and Harrison chamber organ, a recently restored harpsichord and a high quality stereo and PA system with a 12 channel mixing desk and CD and tape facilities.
  • Jones Trust Music Room (Mu2) - the main area for class music lessons it is equipped with a suite of fifteen Apple Mac computers running Sibelius, Logic and Garageband music software, projector with inputs for video and computer and a stereo system. Pupils' compositions and performances can be recorded directly to the adjacent Music Technology and performances in the Recital Hall can be monitored. Also used for rehearsals.
  • Music Technology Studio (Mu3)- linked directly to the Recital Hall and the classroom with a twenty-four track mixing desk, digital sound processors, DAT, CD writer, cassette, MD and hard disk editing. Computer sequencing and score writing packages control high quality synthesised and sampled sound sources that are played via a controller keyboard.
  • Resources Centre (Mu6) - equipped with four computers running sequencing and score writing software and housing a collection of scores and recordings with listening and study facilities for senior pupils.
  • Seven Instrumental Teaching Rooms (Mu7, 9 - 14) -  all equipped with good quality upright pianos, acoustically variable with curtaining and panels and storage facilities for instrumental staff.
  • Brass Teaching Room (Mu8) - a larger instrumental teaching room. Designed for chamber music and brass teaching; it is acoustically variable and isolated from other teaching rooms.
  • Percussion Studio (Mu15) - a large room in which to teach and store the extensive range of orchestral percussion. It is acoustically isolated from the rest of the building.