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Eco Schools Scheme

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Eco Schools at Nottingham High School aims to encourage all members of the school community to take swift action against the damaging of our environment. We furthermore are seeking to involve the wider community, and use exciting activities within the school to bring our policies into effect.

Since the inception of the group just over three years ago, we have been conducting an ongoing review of the school to highlight how much progress is currently being made wihtin the school with regards to the environment, whilst also examining the school's weakenesses.

Our main policies are: 

  • To dramatically reduce the amount of electricity being used on school premises.

  • To decrease the amount of pollution caused by the transport that the school and its pupils use.

  • To bring down the amount of litter that our school produces daily: we wish to recycle any waste paper, as well as cans, and other recyclable products.

  • To try to ensure that, as the school modernises, the environmental impact of decisions is considered.

  • To make the Junior School, and Lovell House an equal part in the development of Eco Schools, as the project will only be successful if every individual co-operates. 

You can click on the links in the left-hand pane to find out a little more about the Eco Schools scheme, how we operate, and what we're currently doing around the School.