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Nottingham High School
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From September 2015 / 2016

Tuition fees :

 £4,452 per term 

Specialist Instrumental Music Charges    

              individual tuition

 £186.00 per term

              paired tuition      £126.00 per term 

              hire of School instrument

  £50.00   per term


The cost of stationery, exercise and text books and external examinations is included in the tuition fee.


Parents may wish to consider covering School fees by means of insurance schemes.  The School cannot endorse any particular scheme, but further information should be obtained from an independent financial advisor.


Fees are due on the first Friday of each term and are paid by Direct Debit.


If your child is offered a place we would normally expect to receive your acceptance of the offer in writing within 14 days together with a deposit of £600.00. This is deducted from the first term's fees, but in the event of a pupil not taking up their place, the deposit will only be returnable under special circumstances at the discretion of the Headmaster and Governors.