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Nottingham High School
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Pastoral Care

Houses and Tutors

Our four Houses are: Cooper's (blue); Maples' (green); Mellers' (purple); White's (red).

A pupil's House is an important focus at school, and provides them with a framework for meeting and working with other pupils of all ages in sporting and cultural competitions and other important activities such as fund­raising for charities.

Each tutor set is one of nine within the House. Tutors are responsible for  pastoral care and for supervising progress in work, sport and school activities throughout a pupil's time in the School. Tutor sets meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8.45, and each tutor is responsible (with an assistant) for about twenty four boys of all ages.

Heads of Year, Form Teachers and Forms

Forms meet promptly at 8.45 on Mondays and Thursdays for registration. There is a form business period on Wednesdays until 9.10am, and this is the focus for routine administration, and to transfer information to and from home.

Heads of Year are responsible for co­ordinating these activities, and also for the General Education Programme, which covers many aspects of personal, social and health education. GEP uses teaching periods at certain times of the year.