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Nottingham High School
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Curriculum Outline

The programme of study is designed to provide an in-depth but broad academic education. 

The pattern of lessons is as follows: 

Year 7 - English (5 lessons) Mathematics (5)  French (4) Latin (2) Geography (2)  History (2)   Art (2)  Music (2)   RS (2)   Biology (2)   Chemistry (2)   Physics (2) Technology (2)   PE (2)   Games (2)   ICT (2) 

Year 8 - English (4 lessons) Mathematics (4)  French (4)   German (4)   Latin (2)  Geography (2)   History (2) Art (2)  Music (2)  RS (2)  Biology (2)  Chemistry (2)  Physics (2) Technology (2)   PE (2)   Games (2)  

Year 9 - English (4 lessons) Mathematics (4)    Geography (3)   History (3)   RS (2)   Biology (3)  Chemistry (3)   Physics (3)    PE (1)   Games (2).  In addition, you choose any two languages selected from French, German, Latin and Spanish; one subject chosen from Art, Design Technology and Music, and one other subject selected from all seven options. You should aim to select a balanced programme of options. (See Year 9 Options booklet below for further subject details.) 

Years 10 and 11 - English (5), Mathematics (4), at least two sciences chosen from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and at least one Modern Language chosen from French, German or Spanish.  In addition, you choose a balanced programme of four options (all 4 lessons per week) selected from Art, Biology, Chemistry, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Music, Physics, Religious Studies, Spanish and Technology.  (See GCSE Options booklet below for further subject details.)

Subjects underlined are taught in sets. 

Curriculum in the Sixth Form

All students take four AS-level options in the First Year Sixth, choosing one subject from each of four option blocks.  The blocks are arranged to accommodate the choices of the maximum number of students whilst taking into account the constraints of scheduling.

The following subjects are usually offered:

Art,Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Design Technology, Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Music Technology, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology and Spanish.

Some students take A-level General Studies.  The fourth block of time in the Second Year Sixth includes some optional help for this paper, but other general interest courses are also available. (See Sixth Form Options booklet below for further subject details.)

Year 9 Options 2010-2011
Year 9 Options 2010-2011 - [1.82 MB] Year 9 Options 2010-2011
GCSE Options Years 10&11 - 2010-2012
GCSE Options Years 10&11 - 2010-2012 - [124 KB] GCSE Years 10&11 Options 2010-2012
Sixth Form Options 2010-2012
Sixth Form Options 2010-2012 - [473 KB] Sixth Form Options booklet