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Nottingham High School
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School Email

Use the following link for access to your NHS WebMail account - NHS WebMail 

Please check this page regularly for updates or attachments relating to the use of your NHS email account. 

Mailbox Full? 

This is usually caused by failure to delete received or sent messages, particularly those containing images.  Please ensure that you have deleted unwanted mail messages from your: 

  • Inbox

  • Deleted messages folder

  • Sent messages folder 

If you still have a problem contact ICT Support Servivces on extension 249. 

Instructions for setting up Microsoft Outlook on Staff Laptops 

Instructions for configuring Microsoft Outlook to access your Exchange Mailbox are in the form of a PowerPoint presentation at the bottom of this page. 

Please only follow these instructions if you feel competent in configuring a Microsoft Outlook account. 


Exchange Server Benefits
Exchange Server Benefits - [22 KB] Explains some of the benefits of using Mirosoft Exchange Server.
Outlook Web-Mail Inset Presentation
Outlook Web-Mail Inset Presentation - [832 KB] Powerpoint slideshow on the 'Using Exchange Web-Mail' Inset
Setting Up an Outlook Account
Setting Up an Outlook Account - [189 KB] Instructions for setting up a Microsoft Outlook account on a staff laptop